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Orestis Troumpounis

I am an Associate Professor in the University of Padova in Italy. I am also affiliated with the University of Lancaster where I previously worked full time. I also had the chance to work in Carlos III in Madrid. I received my PhD in 2011 from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona.

My research is on political economy and public economics combining knowledge from economics and political science and I have published in journals of both disciplines.


Working Papers

Electoral institutions and intraparty cohesion
K Matakos, R Savolainen, O Troumpounis, J Tukiainen, D Xefteris
VATT Working Papers 109
[Status: accepted at JPE Micro, latest version here]

Communication and the Emergence of a Unidimensional World

P Louis, O Troumpounis, N Tsakas

[Status: R&R at JEEA, latest version here]

Protests and Police Militarization
C Mavridis, O Troumpounis, M Zanardi
School of Economics Discussion Papers 0222, School of Economics, University of Surrey.
[latest version here]

Democrat, Republican or Incumbent? Crime Outcomes and Sheriff Elections

C Mavridis, O Troumpounis, M Zanardi

[Status: new version coming soon]



Police Militarization and Local Sheriff Elections
C Mavridis, O Troumpounis, M Zanardi, 02/2024 In: The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization.
[featured in Boston Globe and The Conversation]

Technological change, campaign spending and polarization

Balart, P., Casas, A., Troumpounis, O. 07/2022 In: Journal of Public Economics. 211.

Coordination with preferences over the coalition size

Louis, P., Troumpounis, O., Tsakas, N., Xefteris, D. 02/2022 In: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 194, p. 105-123

[This paper previously circulated as a WP on Protest voting in the laboratory ---what a title change!]

Electoral Rules, Strategic Entry and Polarization

Bol, D., Matakos, K., Troumpounis, O., Xefteris, D. 10/2019 In: Journal of Public Economics. 178.

Electoral competition with primaries and quality asymmetries
Grofman, B., Troumpounis, O., Xefteris, D. 01/2019 In: Journal of Politics. 81, 1, p. 260-273.

Sequential choice of sharing rules in collective contests
Balart, P., Flamand, S., Gürtler, O., Troumpounis, O. 10/2018 In: Journal of Public Economic Theory. 20, 5, p. 703-724.

Linking individual and collective contests through noise level and sharing rules
Balart, P., Chowdhury, S., Troumpounis, O. 06/2017 In: Economics Letters. 155, p. 126-130.

Electoral rule disproportionality and platform polarization
Matakos, K., Troumpounis, O., Xefteris, D. 10/2016 In: American Journal of Political Science. 60, 4, p. 1026-1043. [featured in ekathimerini

Incomplete information, proportional representation and strategic voting
Troumpounis, O., Xefteris, D. 12/2016 In: Social Choice and Welfare. 47, 4, p. 879-903.

Strategic choice of sharing rules in collective contests
Balart, P., Flamand, S., Troumpounis, O. 02/2016 In: Social Choice and Welfare. 46, 2, p. 239-262.

Participation quorums in costly meetings

Flamand, S., Troumpounis, O. 04/2014 In: Public Choice. 159, 1-2, p. 53-62.

On the distribution of public funding to political parties
Troumpounis, O. 09/2012 In: Economics Letters. 116, 3, p. 367-370.


Book Chapters

Prize-sharing rules in collective rent-seeking
Flamand, S., Troumpounis, O. 27/05/2015 In: Companion to the political economy of rent seeking. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing p. 92-112.

Contact Details

Via Del Santo 33, 35123, Padova, Italy

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